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The Tattoo POS Beta goes live August 1, 2018!

We are looking for individuals, like you, to join the Beta Team.

Joining will gain you early access to The Tattoo POS, it should also bring ideas up that were not thought of during development. While using the software, it is likely that you will find bugs. Reporting all bugs to the developer will allow for The Tattoo POS to achieve it's full potential.

In early 2016, we set out to create a Tattoo Management Software that was simple, but it needed to be effective. We then started development on The Tattoo POS, with it's simple screens and easy navigation, we just needed to include one more ingredient,

Ideas From The End User.

Having a simple and effective tattoo management software is great, but it needed something more. Beta testers will bring that to the table, fresh ideas on how to make the software more user friendly than it already is. Plus, things that we might have missed or might have went overboard on.

Feedback is the breakfast of champions. - Ken Blanchard

Effective Feedback Criteria -

  1. The feedback provider is credible in the eyes of the feedback recipient - A Tattoo & Piercing Shop Owner

  2. The feedback is conveyed with good intentions - To Help The Tattoo POS

  3. The feedback is given in an interactive manner - Email Will Be Fine, We Are Also Setting Up A Discord Channel (To Make It Easier)

  4. The feedback message is clear - Be Descriptive and Honest in your feedback

  5. The feedback is helpful - Give Feedback That Will Help The Tattoo POS Be Easier & More Effective

Be part of something great!

Join The Beta Team Today!

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