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You might have seen our video, explaining a small portion of Beta and how to join the team. The Tattoo POS Beta launches August 1, 2018.

Beta Is Sure To Be A Blast!

Why Run Beta?

Beta will ensure The Tattoo POS will function for our future paying customers. It is the owner's experience, Joe Croft, that a huge part to the growth of a point of sale is the input from the end user. If the user is spending an extended period of time trying to learn the software, with no direction, they are likely to continue not using it correctly or not use it at all. These actions can cause errors in booking or with customer's data. Here, at The Tattoo POS, we encourage our customers to call in and let us know what features work for them, which don't and what features might be missing through our fantastic customer service. Beta testers will have the opportunity to pave the way for The Tattoo POS to better serve the tattooing and piercing community.

Do I Have To Be Tech Savvy To Beta Test?

Absolutely Not! The less tech savvy, the better. The only eyes that have been gazing upon The Tattoo POS through it's long development was our developer, Joe Croft. With that being said, having someone that is 'less' tech savvy beta test will only benefit the growth of The Tattoo POS. This will also give individuals the chance to see their ideas used, so many of us have ideas that will never be heard, beta gives you the opportunity to have your ideas heard and possibly utilized.

Any Other Perks?

Yes! Members of the beta team will receive a few gifts for following through with beta and fully participating. These gifts include:

  • 1 Free License

  • Free Lifetime Support

  • Added To TTPOS Promo List

  • Opportunity To Beta Test Future Projects (The Tattoo POS Related AND Non-Related)

You're Still Reading?

Head To And Join The Team Now!

The Tattoo POS Beta

Following your entry, you will receive an email congratulating you for joining the team along with some additional important information. August 1st our team will, then reach out to you via email and phone call to set up an appointment.

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